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This past summer, I had a lot of traveling coming up and wanted to keep my protein consumption high, as I knew that I wouldn’t have a lot of high-protein meals, as is the case when eating out a lot. I chose to stay at hotels that had decent gyms, so I had workouts covered. What I needed was a healthy meal-replacement to take when everyone was eating fast food, and a good post-workout shake to refuel my muscles’ glycogen stores and build muscle by getting protein synthesis moving.

So here is my Myoplex review for all of you who are curious about Myoplex Original:

My goals were to maintain my 10% bodyfat and not lose any weight during all of this travel. A fairly difficult goal, considering that the work projects could get tiresome. Thanks to Myoplex, I was able to complete my overall goal – and actually an inch smaller on the waist in the meantime! That is why I decided to make this website – it did so well for me, I hope it can do the same for you.

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As with most of the other protein shakes and protein bars I have tried, many of them have a horrible aftertaste. Myoplex has always been around, but I was afraid of the cost. The good news is that if you shop around online, you will find amazing deals that are literally half the price of the local supplement stores. Finding these, I decided to give Myoplex a shot. In my opinion, Myoplex Original is absolutely fantastic. If you have heard of it for a while but never bought it, see the deals on the right side of this page and give it a shot!

My goals are much different than other peoples’ – many people simply need to lose weight. If you’ve tried and failed with products like Slim Fast, you may be leery of Myoplex – but there’s a major difference. Slim Fast and others are loaded with carbs and sugars. Myoplex has 1g of sugar, and far fewer carbs. It is well-rounded, making it a great meal replacement, since it has reasonable amounts of carbs, more protein than most people get in their standard meals, and a healthy mix of fats.

Myoplex is a great snack for people, because the fats keep you full (unlike sugars, which simply make you hungry 30 minutes later), and the protein keeps your muscles in an anabolic, toned mode. Some people starve themselves when dieting – but this is BAD – your body will go into fat-storing, “survival mode”. Myoplex Original makes a great snack that avoids this condition. It will give you a slow, but sure flow of calories with a great mix of proteins that keep your metabolism moving.

I’ve done it all with my Myoplex packets. After my workouts, when I want a bit more sugar, I love to mix Myoplex in a blender with bananas and strawberries. The bananas give it a completely fresh flavor, and this works great with Myoplex Vanilla. Orange juice is fun to mix with it in the morning too.

When simply having a snack or using it as a meal replacement, and I don’t have a blender at hand, my favorite is the chocolate cream shake. Strawberry tastes good, but I do admit that I get a bit tired of it if I do too many in a row. That’s why I like to vary them.

During my travels, two weeks of these shakes (without the blender), I started to notice feeling a bit more toned, and my energy levels were consistent and high. I was losing about 1 pounds a week, and wasn’t even trying very hard. Strength stayed high, my muscles measured the same – I was indeed losing fat thanks to Myoplex Original. when with other protein formulas, I only lost two pounds each week

So if you’ve considered Myoplex but have never jumped in because of the cost, note how great of deals there are online through the sidebar on the right – I built it just for you – and enjoy the incredible results of Myoplex Original!


  1. Dheeraj

    Does Myoplex Original help increase muscle mass and cut down body fat togeather? i have tried finding this on the internet but i just cant please help me out .:$

    • There is a lot of maltodextrin in Myoplex Original that might prevent some of the bodyfat cutting – it really has to do with your full diet. We prefer the lower carb products for these purposes.

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