Which Myoplex Product is the Best Meal Replacement for Men and Women?

The Myoplex line of products is extremely popular for many reasons – great taste, some are good before bed, and some great after working out. But..

Which Myoplex product makes the best meal replacement for men?

In a meal replacement powder (MRP), I’m looking for a few things:

  • Enough calories to fill me up
  • A diverse mix of protein, healthy fats, and carbs
  • A well-rounded vitamin and mineral profile (I don’t need 100% RDA here though)
  • Great taste!

I don’t need a lot of sugars, as this is in the middle of the day and not immediately after a workout. I also don’t need a monstrous amount of protein… something like 25-40g sounds ideal to keep me anabolic.

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To me, Myoplex Original fits the bill the best. While it has just a few less calories than Myoplex Deluxe, it also has a touch more fat than Myoplex Deluxe. But it’s the lower amount of sugars (and carbs in general) that really sells it for me. Too much sugar is going to go to fat storage, and I’m not sure where your sugar needs are going to be when you’re quickly grabbing a meal replacement – but chances are you don’t need too much sugar either.

But what about Myoplex Lite for a Meal Replacement for Women?

Yes – if you’re a woman, this is probably the way to go. Myoplex Lite has only 180 calories, which is basically a small snack to us guys. Plus, there’s a bit too much soy protein in it, which will drop testosterone levels if taken too often for men. For women, however, the 180 calories is perfect, and it still fits our bill of low sugar (only 1g).

The one issue with Myoplex Lite is that I would say that there isn’t enough fat, so adding a tablespoon of coconut oil is a perfect way to get some extra natural, saturated fat in (which IS needed by your body – especially your vital organs!) You can also consider adding some macadamia nut oil or almond butter, but don’t fear the natural saturated fats!

So our choice? Myoplex Original for men, and Myoplex Lite for women!

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