Medium Chain Triglycerides in Myoplex

Medium Chain Triglycerides

Medium Chain Triglycerides

Myoplex products have been embracing the usage of medium chain triglycerides for a while now. The science is just starting to catch up to the usage of this amazing substance. Although MCTs are technically a form of saturated fat, they are of the healthy variety – and new research is even indicating that all forms of natural saturated fat is healthy![1] It has been unfortunate that the greater scientific community has lumped these in with the generic term “saturated fat” in different forms of literature. This is truly a magic ingredient.

Medium chain triglycerides are absorbed differently in the body than any other form of fat. MCTs do not require energy to digest, to utilize, or to store these in the body. Some studies have been showing that these fats are responsible for a variety of functions within the body. They are quickly absorbed in the body and instead of being stored in the bodies fat stores they are used directly for energy. It’s rare that a fat is used by the body in the same way that carbohydrates are, and it seems that MCT oils are one of these substances.

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This is one of the main reasons that EAS Myoplex Original Powder has been putting MCT oils into their products. Since the body can use these for energy it makes a perfect type of fat to have in any meal replacement powder. Another of the medium chain triglycerides benefits is that it helps to stunt the bodies hunger levels. Simply put MCT oil can keep you full much longer than any other form of fat. When you pair this up with the ample amount of protein and quality carbohydrates that are included in a packed of EAS Myoplex Original powder, then you have a nutritional powerhouse that will keep you going throughout your day.

There are numerous MCT oil benefits that people can get. From a medical perspective MCT oil can act as a very good biological inert way of supplying the body with energy. It’s a easy way to get patients who have absorption issues to have some calories that will help them get their strength back up to a level needed for proper care. These oils are used heavily in the treatment of the disease primary intestinal lymphangiectasia. Patients have shown great progress in this area with usage. There are also some studies that show a degree of success in people with epilepsy that use MCT as a part of their ketogenic diet.

Medium chain triglycerides benefits are quite numerous as you can see. There are some scientists that believe this is the case because that is the same type of saturated fats that are naturally found in mothers milk. They feel that this is a natural form of fat that the human body easily digests and so it isn’t there primarily for the purpose of causing fat storage in the body. In this way it makes for a better fat for a human to absorb instead of using that in cows milk.

MCT oil benefits far outweigh their downsides. The only real downside is that if they are taken in on an empty stomach then they can cause a bit of discomfort. That is why taking them with meals, or in the form of a meal replacement powder like the one from EAS is the preferred method of ingestion. A pack of this product before a heavy workout can give the energy needed to power through a grueling weight session.


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