Amino Acid Chelates in Myoplex – What are They?

Amino acids are organic compounds critical to life consisting of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are part of the hormones that affect metabolism. No amino acids no metabolism. Without protein to make muscles we would be unable to move at all.

There are two amino acid groups, essential and nonessential. The liver produces nonessential amino acids. Essential amino acids come from our food and may be enhanced by supplements. The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are valine, leucine and isoleucine. They are called ” branched-chain” because of their chemical structure. Branched-chain amino acids build strong muscles and improve overall health. Valine in its’ muscle metabolism role preserves the use of glucose and maintains nitrogen balance. The three branched-chain amino acids should be taken together to promote muscle recovery, and are bonded in the protein inside of your Myoplex and Myoplex Lite shakes. Isoleucine alone is principal to hemoglobin formation, blood clot formation and regulation of blood sugar and energy levels. Leucine, the most important BCAA, also assists blood sugar and energy regulation, growth and repair of muscle tissue, growth hormone production and wound healing. Amino acids are excellent for bonding with minerals needed for normal body function. They are chemically and nutritionally fit to form chelates. Amino acids are capable of forming heterocyclic atom rings and easily assimilated by the body due to a composition of individual amino acids and dual amino acids linked by a peptide bond.

But what about the Amino Acid Chelates in Myoplex?

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An amino acid chelate is a supplement designed for better absorption from the stomach. Our stomach does prepare or chelate minerals for absorption but not as well as a prepared amino acid chelate. Amino acid chelate benefits are the mineral and amino acid holds together in the stomach and the mineral is weak enough for release in the intestines. The mineral is released into the blood stream from the intestines, primarily the small intestines.

Minerals are present in all of our cells. Minerals form the majority of the bodies’ hard parts such as bones, teeth, and nails. Enzymes and enzyme systems require them. They regulate the permeability of cell membranes and capillaries as well as muscle and nervous tissue. Part of normal acid-base balance involves minerals. Gland secretion, water metabolism and blood volume regulation all require minerals. Mineral salts and water require daily replenishment.

Molybdenum amino acid chelate has principal importance as an enzyme activator in bone, liver and kidney development. It also detoxifies sulfites and aides kidney function. Selenium amino acid chelate is necessary for antioxidant enzyme synthesis that resists free radical cell damage. Amino acid chelate side effects are largely none unless you have liver or kidney disease. In these cases consult a physician prior. Excess selenium can cause loss of hair and nails, skin inflammation and possibly nerve abnormalities. Excess molybdenum can cause acidosis, rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, blind spots, night blindness and irritability.

EAS Myoplex Original is a nutritional supplement popular with athletes for recharging and restoring muscles. This meal replacement powder has five benefits; rapid protein synthesis, carbohydrates to replace energy, fats for joint recovery, increased nutritional absorption and increased nitrogen retention. Best results are obtained consuming the drink in the morning, within thirty minutes of exercising and eating six small meals a day with two to three of them being the EAS Myoplex Original. Drink sixteen ounces of water for every pound lost during exercise. The wheat and rice gluten free protein powder can be mixed with six to eight ounces of milk or water.

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