About Myoplex

Welcome to MyoplexEAS.com. This site is dedicated to the wonderful Myoplex protein shake product line. Please note that this site is NOT run by or affiliated with EAS or Abbott Nutrition, the creators of Myoplex. We are just huge fans!

There are over 10 different products for you to choose from such as Myoplex shakes, bars, and Myoplex ready to drink bottles too. Typically, EAS Myoplex protein comes in flavors of chocolate cream, vanilla cream, and strawberry cream, but there are also variety packs as well. Some Myoplex products have some other flavors like Banana Cream and the bars have flavors like cookies and cream as well.

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Each page on this site talks about the various reviews and Myoplex nutrition facts. Thanks to our powerful Myoplex wiki, you can locate hard-to-find products such as some of the RTDs (Ready to Drink) shakes as well as the Myoplex Deluxe powder which is disappearing from store shelves.

If you’re looking to get good deals on any Myoplex product, you’re in the right place — take a look at the price comparisons of Myoplex here online and notice that they are much less expensive than buying at your local store – even with shipping! They are sold at many …

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EAS Sports Nutrition

In the course of the last 18 years, EAS Sports Nutrition has been dedicated to fulfilling one simple mission, and that is to: show everyone what is possible. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, or a body builder, an occasional gym goer, or a fitness enthusiast, EAS Sports Nutrition has always seeked to give you nothing less than a considerably healthier body and an enhanced physical performance.

The EAS Team is composed of hundreds of scientists, researchers, and fitness thinkers who all dedicate countless hours of research, laboratory studies, and clinical trials to bring you safe and scientifically advanced dietary and workout supplements. The EAS Team aims to give you no less than the best products that should help you in redefining what is possible, in getting your physique into the healthiest possible shape, and all together, in promoting a healthier, more active life.

Every product the EAS Team puts out on the market is designed to make the best out of the human body, to get the most out of it, in the most efficient and safest possible way. In fact, EAS Sports Nutrition is the first major brand to ever achieve a 100% banned substance testing by two leading independent agencies.

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Phos Force

Phos Force by EAS is a pre workout nutritional supplement for people who are looking to pack on lean muscle. The minds behind this product have almost a century’s worth of experiences with innovative, leading edge science. The team of scientists that created Phos Force are almost fanatical about achieving the very most out of the human body. It does not matter if you are a body builder, elite athlete, or just an occasional gym attendee, Phos Force will help you achieve more from your body than you had previously thought possible. This product is clean, safe, and effective so that you feel comfortable using it to break your personal records.

EAS Phos Force is a pre workout blend of phosphagen creatine, carnosyn beta alanine, complex carbs, and caffeine. It is meant to increase energy, provide focus, enhance training capacity, and give you the force and power you need in the gym.

If you have ever used EAS Myoplex, you know that you are getting a high quality product from this company. Fans of Myoplex who love getting 42 grams of protein per serving can attest that EAS follows through on its promises.

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Muscle Armor

Muscle Armor by EAS is a post workout nutritional supplement for body builders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to add lean muscle mass to their bodies. When you buy Muscle Armor, you are benefiting from years of leading edge nutritional science from EAS. The three main ingredients in Muscle Armor have been clinically proven to increase muscle mass, muscle strength, and overall power. This supplement can help prevent excessive muscle protein breakdown and stimulate increase muscle mass. It contains essential amino acids that stimulate creatine and protein synthesis for muscle growth support. It’s also a great addition to anyone who uses Myoplex.

EAS Muscle Armor plus Revigor is one of the first post workout supplements to offer multiple benefits in one package. When you use this supplement, you can expect reduction in overall muscle damage as a result of intense training. Additionally, it will protect you against any muscle protein breakdown so that you do not lose any of the mass that you have worked so hard to achieve. Finally, it promotes ultra protein synthesis, so you can pack on even more muscle mass during each workout. This product makes sure that you don’t leave anything out on the table when you workout. You are going to maximize your potential each and every session when you use this …

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Betagen by EAS is a dietary supplement made specifically for post workout recovery in order to gain lean muscle and definition. It contains a unique combination of creatine and Revigor, which is an amino acid metabolite HMB. The combination of these ingredients was proven in clinical studies to improve muscle composition and overall strength. Each serving of this post workout supplement contains only 35 calories in an effort to keep you lean and toned.

EAS Betagen combines creatine, glutamine, and HMB to help you reach your goals. Body builders, fitness enthusiasts, and competitive athletes have been freaking out over this combination of ingredients for over a decade. Studies have proven that HMB is a suppressor of muscle degradation in hard training individuals.

You know Betagen is high quality due to the fact it is manufactured by EAS. This company has a proven track record of great products, such as Myoplex. You can’t go wrong with EAS Betagen.

Buy EAS Betagen right now on this website by using the price comparison widget below. You will be able to find supplement prices that are up to 40% less than what you would pay in the store. Free shipping and zero sales tax are benefits you often receive when buying online. Why pay more when you can get it for less right now? …

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EAS 100% Whey Protein

EAS 100% Whey Protein is perfect for upping your protein intake on a regular basis. You can use it as needed or as a customized meal in shake or smoothie form. EAS has designed this supplement to provide you with a very high quality protein with plenty of naturally occurring BCAAs (branched chain amino acids). These amino acids have been proven to aid in muscle recovery and intense exercise routines.

Protein is the equivalent of fuel for athletes. In order to achieve your peak performance, muscle growth, and fat loss, you need to consume a healthy amount of the highest quality and purist protein that you can get your hands on. This is why you need 100% Whey Protein from EAS.

100% Whey Protein has been instantized for purity. Its creation process consists of a series of low temperature micro and ultra filtration procedures. What you’re left with is the cleanest and most intact whey protein that is available anywhere. By following careful processing guidelines such as this, you ensure that you are receiving the highest biological value protein that can be achieved from any one protein source.

EAS 100% Whey Protein Benefits

EAS 100% Whey Protein will support optimal muscle growth and keep you performing at your best. It will fuel your muscles so that you can gain lean …

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Whey Protein Isolate

One of the more convenient and higher quality types of protein supplements on the market is Whey Protein Isolate. It is a dietary supplement that is created through the filtering of milk protein. Whey is a by-product of cheese making. Using whey, a whey protein can be processed in a few different ways to create a very pure bioavailable protein. The best of which is Whey Protein Isolate. It is very popular in crowds of athletes, body builders, and health nuts who are looking to put on more lean muscle tissue and gain strength.

This is a high quality type of protein that is in Myoplex Strength Bars as well as Myoplex Original.

Because whey proteins are so highly bioavailable, they are absorbed quickly in the system. Their high concentration of BCAAs helps to provide fuel for muscles during workouts and stimulate protein synthesis. Whey protein isolate is able to quickly return the body from a catabolic state to an anabolic state after a workout. It often supplies most of the nutrients that are needed for high performance during exercise.

Whey protein isolate is generally more sought after than whey protein concentrate for a few reasons. Concentrates tend to be more allergenic that isolates due to the filtration methods used during production. Whey protein isolates normally yields 90% protein or …

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Medium Chain Triglycerides in Myoplex

Myoplex products have been embracing the usage of medium chain triglycerides for a while now. The science is just starting to catch up to the usage of this amazing substance. Although MCTs are technically a form of saturated fat, they are of the healthy variety – and new research is even indicating that all forms of natural saturated fat is healthy![1] It has been unfortunate that the greater scientific community has lumped these in with the generic term “saturated fat” in different forms of literature. This is truly a magic ingredient.

Medium chain triglycerides are absorbed differently in the body than any other form of fat. MCTs do not require energy to digest, to utilize, or to store these in the body. Some studies have been showing that these fats are responsible for a variety of functions within the body. They are quickly absorbed in the body and instead of being stored in the bodies fat stores they are used directly for energy. It’s rare that a fat is used by the body in the same way that carbohydrates are, and it seems that MCT oils are one of these substances.

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This is one of the main reasons that EAS Myoplex Original Powder has been putting …

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Amino Acid Chelates in Myoplex – What are They?

Amino acids are organic compounds critical to life consisting of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are part of the hormones that affect metabolism. No amino acids no metabolism. Without protein to make muscles we would be unable to move at all.

There are two amino acid groups, essential and nonessential. The liver produces nonessential amino acids. Essential amino acids come from our food and may be enhanced by supplements. The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are valine, leucine and isoleucine. They are called ” branched-chain” because of their chemical structure. Branched-chain amino acids build strong muscles and improve overall health. Valine in its’ muscle metabolism role preserves the use of glucose and maintains nitrogen balance. The three branched-chain amino acids should be taken together to promote muscle recovery, and are bonded in the protein inside of your Myoplex and Myoplex Lite shakes. Isoleucine alone is principal to hemoglobin formation, blood clot formation and regulation of blood sugar and energy levels. Leucine, the most important BCAA, also assists blood sugar and energy regulation, growth and repair of muscle tissue, growth hormone production and wound healing. Amino acids are excellent for bonding with minerals needed for normal body function. They are chemically and nutritionally fit to form chelates. Amino acids are capable of forming heterocyclic …

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Which Myoplex Product is the Best Meal Replacement for Men and Women?

The Myoplex line of products is extremely popular for many reasons – great taste, some are good before bed, and some great after working out. But..

Which Myoplex product makes the best meal replacement for men?

In a meal replacement powder (MRP), I’m looking for a few things:

Enough calories to fill me up A diverse mix of protein, healthy fats, and carbs A well-rounded vitamin and mineral profile (I don’t need 100% RDA here though) Great taste!

I don’t need a lot of sugars, as this is in the middle of the day and not immediately after a workout. I also don’t need a monstrous amount of protein… something like 25-40g sounds ideal to keep me anabolic.

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To me, Myoplex Original fits the bill the best. While it has just a few less calories than Myoplex Deluxe, it also has a touch more fat than Myoplex Deluxe. But it’s the lower amount of sugars (and carbs in general) that really sells it for me. Too much sugar is going to go to fat storage, and I’m not sure where your sugar needs are going to be when you’re quickly grabbing a meal replacement – but chances are you don’t need too much sugar either. But… read more

EAS Myoplex Protein Supplements

Myoplex by EAS is a protein supplement product line developed for athletes and bodybuilders that require much-needed nutrients for intense workout sessions, competitions, or daily supplementation.

The Myoplex product line is likewise considered as a highly effective, convenient, and comprehensive meal replacement or MR product that offers nutrients, not only to fill up your stomach, but for maintaining an energized lifestyle and building lean muscles.

Every serving of Myoplex come with either high-quality whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate for supporting and enhancing the overall composition of your body.

The Myoplex products include:

  • Original protein shakes and the ready to drink beverages
  • Lite protein shakes, ready to drink beverages and nutrition bars
  • Deluxe protein shakes and nutrition bars
  • Carb Control protein shakes, ready to drink beverages, and nutrition bars
  • Strength nutrition bars and ready to drink beverages

Aside from the great taste, this incredible family products also offer a host of flavor options that will satisfy the most discerning person. Typical protein shake flavors include vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

However, a few of them also come in the Tropical variety pack which includes the flavors mango pineapple, pina colada, orange jubilee, and banana cream pie, as well as the Chocolate lover’s pack which includes chocolate caramel, chocolate mint, rich dark chocolate and chocolate peanut butter.

Myoplex Original

The Original product is considered as the industry leader for meal replacement proteins. Each serving of Myoplex Original contains 42 grams of high quality whey protein. This protein amount is actually the most ideal amount that you can take after an intense workout session, to accompany small meals or as a meal replacement. Likewise, it is also packed with whopping amounts of minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients to keep you energized.

In addition, after taking the Original, you will instantly feel a jolt of energy because it contains the right amount of carbs for effectively stabilizing your body’s blood sugar levels while helping you lose weight instead of gaining unwanted fat. Likewise it only contains a gram of sugar which makes it a low-sugar meal replacement protein suitable for weight loss.

Myoplex Lite

Myoplex Lite is just like the Original with a few differences. First, the Lite version has 33% less calories and makes use of a different protein formulation developed to aid men and women maintain their muscle tone as well as lose weight in the process. It can also be taken as a snack, instead of as an actual meal replacement, between meals.

This product is likewise ideal for men and women who are on, or would like to stick to a low sugar and low fat diet since Lite only has 1 gram of sugar, 2 grams of fat and no trans fat in a single serving. Although created as a quick meal replacement product, it may be taken after workout sessions to boost energy, keep muscles toned and to restore the glycogen stores in your muscles.

Myoplex Deluxe

In contrast to the Lite version, which can be taken by the usual health enthusiasts, Myoplex Deluxe is not your typical meal replacement protein since it was particularly developed to meet the demands of competitive athletes and bodybuilders. In general, it is taken during the bulking phase.

By taking the Deluxe as a meal replacement during the bulking phase, you not only save sweet time, but burn unwanted calories, keeps your metabolism rate moving, enhance your immune system, as well as take in vital protein for building muscles. Likewise, this Deluxe version has glutamic acid which aids to build muscle mass and give you a boost of energy. The bad news is that this product is being phased out.

Another vital ingredient of the Deluxe variety is Micellar Casein, which gives you a slow-digesting protein that helps your body stay in the anabolic mode, hours after taking Deluxe. Additionally, Myoplex Deluxe also incorporates CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid that aids in maximizing weight loss.

Myoplex Strength

These Strength bars are convenient meal replacements available only in nutrition bar forms and ready to drink beverages. This is perfect for bodybuilders and athletes who don’t have time to cook themselves a full meal since the beverages and bars have 25 grams of protein.

The exceptional combination of complex and simple carbohydrates provided by the Strength Bars and Strength RTDs, as well as protein and healthy fats can help you attain maximum growth of muscle mass.

Myoplex Carb Control

Formerly marketed as Carb Sense, this line includes protein shakes, nutrition bars, as well as ready to drink beverages. The most popular product in the is the Carb Control bars because it provides only 3 grams of carbohydrates and 30 grams of protein which make it a convenient and filling snack replacement for people on a low carbohydrate diet requiring on-the-go snacks.

The Carb Control bars sources its protein content from a combination of whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein, soy protein isolate, and calcium caseinate which will undoubtedly fulfill your everyday protein needs.

As a meal replacement, Myoplex Carb Control bars also has 8 grams of fat, without trans fat and 26 minerals and vitamins which makes it the healthiest choice as far as protein bars are concerned.

With all the available forms and flavors EAS offers, you will surely find one that best works for you. The protein shakes in powder form are popular choices for people who have the time to prepare them, while the protein bars and ready to drink shakes are of course the no.1 choice for people on the go.

Whatever you decide to go with, Myoplex protein supplements may be taken 30 minutes prior to working out and may be utilized as meal replacements for 2 of your meals daily. Taking small amounts of them as snacks throughout the day will also help in maintaining high energy levels.